It will take place tomorrow, September 5 2017, at 6:00 p.m., at the Municipal Auditorium of Vendas Novas, the launching session of the first stone of the company "Labcoco", which will be followed by a visit to the place where future installations will be in the Industrial Park, for the symbolic moment of unlocking the plate. The session will be attended by the Mayor of the City, Luís Dias, the Director General of the company, Raul Corrêa Filho and a representative of the Luso-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, among other guests. "Labcoco" is a Brazilian company that works in the transformation, commercialization, research and development of new applications of coconut for food purposes. It began by being hosted at StartUP Alentejo and will now invest about 7 million euros in facilities and create close to 83 jobs. In addition to the two most recent investments, the expansion of "Herdade do Outeiro, Dinis & Santiago" and the establishment of "KimiSciences", translated into more than 60 jobs for the local economy, reinforces the commitment of the Municipality Vendas Novas to conduct a active policy of attraction of investment, highlighting the characteristics of this territory that is open arms and soul to receive people and companies.