We are Labcoco, We create refined extra virgin crude coconut oil

LABCOCO was born from the initiative of brazilian entrepreneurs with more than 35 years of experience in the production and genetic improvement of coconut trees, who decided to expand their businesses and establish in the European territory – a barn of knowledge, excellence and high technology standard – a refinery of high standard, focused on technological development and new applications of coconut derivatives.

I am pleased to welcome you to Labcoco's website.

LABCOCO is a company that is Driving Progress and, with our customers and partners, building better alimentary habits, through safe, smart and healthy food products, based on coconut.

Our progressive thinking and creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd. I’m proud of the work we do and give you my personal commitment that we will deliver what we promise and do it with excellence and sustainability. Enjoy our website and feel free to contact our office for any additional information. Yours Sincerely,

Our Vision

Be a global reference of coconut products.

Our Mission

To produce coconut derivatives in accordance with environmental compatibility, health preservation, social benefit, ethical rectitude and best industrial procedures.

Our Values

Humanity, having people first; Loyalty, following principles and dreams; Systematic vision, maintaining focus; Evolution, having continuous improvement; Innovation, being on edge of technology.


Who We Are

LABCOCO is an oleochemical industry focused on production of coconut derivatives for food application, namely refined coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, butter and coconut vinegar.

We have a strong commitment with Investigation, Innovation and Technology. Our differentiation factor relies on our innovative production process of biological enzymatic extraction that assures higher quality and 95% yield efficiency of Coconut Oil Extraction. Our team is composed of researchers, doctors, engineers, technicians and market specialists with than 35 years of experience and know-how of coconut derivatives. Our lemma is commitment with Excellence and Sustainability.